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Why eating LOCAL is better – LOCAL food is fresher without a doubt, because when it gets to you, it is coming straight from the harvester which in turn is more nutritious! Fresher is better because it is not packed with all the junk to keep it fresh. Eating LOCAL meat and eggs come from your neighboring ranchers and farmers that treat their animals with respect& providing them the freedom to graze.

Building the strength of the community is also a benefit from going LOCAL. The small business owners & farmers care about the quality of their product. Profits are reinvested into the LOCAL economy when you go LOCAL. Earth is the source of what we eat, we treat our planet right & it will provide us with the resources we need - & that means saying NO to the harmful pesticides and cruelty to animals.
Consumers are becoming more and more curious about what they are putting on their plates & providing to their children. Whether you shop at your LOCAL farmer’s market or pick from a guy on the street corner, eating LOCAL is better for you & your family. What if you could buy LOCAL online & have it delivered to you? YOU CAN! I am a huge fan of Their belieifs and mission is why I choose to use them as my LOCAL food vendor. You can shop from all producers around you & they deliver to your doorstep, shop smart.   
Go and enjoy a Saturday visiting your LOCAL farmer’s market, or shop online, but whatever you do -  EAT LOCAL!

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