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Dated: 10/09/2014

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We ALL use Google, many of us on a daily basis as our personal assistant. Did you know that there are so many tricks and secrets to unleash the full power of Google? See some of the coolest Google tricks below!

Make Google Dizzy!
Type "do a barrel roll" into Google search bar, click search, & your browser will do a 360-degree spin!
Educate Yourself with Accurate Information –
Type "site:edu" to limit the results to educational institutions. For example, “site:edu real estate taxes” will show results from top universities.

You Can Search By Images –

You can "reverse image search" at Click the camera icon, upload the image, and you will then be given results of pictures that look similar. Keep in mind, these images will be floating around the web!
Exclude Certain Words –
Say you are looking for awesome bread recipes that does not list "yeast" as an ingredient. Type a minus sign (-) followed by the words you want excluded. Example, “bread recipes –yeast.
Looking For Certain Price or Dates –
Type what you are looking for, then separate the lowest and highest prices with two periods (..). This also works for dates if you're looking for something published during a certain time. Example, “digital cameras $50..$200” / “Louisiana homes for sale January 1, 2013..December 31, 2013”

Search By File Type -

Maybe you want to use a PowerPoint presentation or PDF as reference to help you create your slideshow or PDF. Type your search terms followed by "filetype:PPT."
Stay Up To Date with More Precise Time-based Search Results –
There is an option in Google that lets you filter results by time. To get the most up-to-the-minute news,  just add “&tbs=qdr:” to the end of the URL, along with the time you want to search (which can include h5 for 5 hours, n5 for 5 minutes, or s5 for 5 seconds (substituting any number you want). So, to search within the past 10 minutes, you'd add “&tbs=qdr:n10” to your URL.  

I hope these tricks and secrets help you navigate through Google a little better & creates a little fun through your workday!

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