Abita Springs Huge Garage Sale This Weekend

Dated: 03/26/2015

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 Abita Springs
Whole Town Garage Sale



The 2015 Whole Town Garage Sale will be Saturday, March 28


The Abita Springs Whole Town Garage Sale is one of the Louisiana's largest "garage sale events."

In 1994 the idea for the Whole Town sale from Abita Springs resident John Preble. The sale day was first produced by the Abita Springs Civic Association. After a few years the Abita Springs Recreation Committee produced the show. With the cooperation of the town of Abita Springs the Whole Town Garage Sale is now run by a town committee led by Preble.

Each year in the Spring hundreds of people in the Abita Springs area all have their garage sale on the same day in March.

If you enjoy garage sales and flea markets, please come.

If you enjoy the ambience of a small town celebration, please come.

Abita Flea Market
This event is produced by the Town Of Abita Springs


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