7 Uses for Ketchup That May Surprise You

Dated: 04/29/2013

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1. Shine your coper:

Massage ketchup over the copper and watch it dissolve the tarnish away (thanks to the acid). In the event that you have stubborn spots, add a pinch of table salt while you polish.

2. Fight Skunk Odors

If you've lived in a rural or even suburban part of North America, chances are you may have had a run-in with a skunk one night or evening. Or perhaps your dog has. Many people still swear by tomato juice as a way to remove potent skunk odor. In the event you don't have any tomato juice on hand you can try using plain ketchup instead.

3. Get Back Prettier Hair from Chlorine Damage

Ketchup can also be used to correct limey-hair-highlights-gone-green, which can sometimes occur from exposure to chlorine found in swimming pools.

How? Restore your normal hair color -- or at least the one you paid dearly for -- by applying full strength ketchup to your hair. Smoosh it in, let it linger for about 20 minutes and then wash it out thoroughly.

4. Fake Blood/Battles

As any elementary school jokester knows, ketchup makes great (albeit messy) fake blood. This goes for lunchroom antics as well as Halloween parties. Of course, we recommend you exercise a lot of caution with this one, since it's not much of a win for you or the planet if you have to try to launder away tough stains.

5. Soothe Wounds

Freezes leftover ketchup and soy sauce packets to use on children's small booboos and bumps.The kids LOVE them. Apparently even the mere appearance of the packets often makes their hurts go away. We just hope they don't discover the "art" of ketchup packet fights.

6. Use Them for Target Practice

The sauce packet bear emerged from a discovery that ketchup packets burst open when you hit them with a BB gun. You'll get a remarkable bloody mess. What better way to get a bleeding target?

7. What to do with Empty Ketchup Bottles

Just as ketchup packets can pile up, so can used ketchup bottles, especially in communities that don't accept them for recycling. If that's the case in your town, give a thought to some ways to at least get another use out of the containers.

You can use them as handy pancake batter dispensers. Or turn them into homemade cat toys, or storage containers for glitter, beads or other craft items (as well as left over wine, paint or other liquids).

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