2 Reasons Why You Need A Land Survey

Dated: 11/08/2013

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Buying a home is a very expensive activity and we need to ensure that the money is well spent. There are certain procedures that should be followed if we are to get good value for our hard earned wedge of money. There are quick and easy routes to home ownership and these may seem attractive to the first time buyer. Sometimes life can dictate the pace of life that we must follow, but in some cases we really need to slow everything down and do things properly. Land surveys are a part of the drawn out process that we partake in when we buy a property. They are very important and we ignore them at our peril. This article explains exactly what they are and why they are crucial to our needs when buying property.What Are They?A land survey is a process that looks closely at the land your property sits on. The survey checks the boundary details of your land and also the changes that have been made regarding improvements in the area. They look at where your fences are located and where the access points are situated. Your deed should contain all relevant details pertaining to your property and its land. The survey will verify these details and point out any anomalies. Mortgage companies and banks used to insist on this process as part of the lending/buying process. Due to recent expense cuts, they no longer consider the land survey to be essential to their requirements.Land SurveyWhy Should I require One? You should arrange for your own land survey when purchasing a property, there are several very good reasons for this:
  • It will benefit your investment – You are spending a large amount of money and you need to be sure that you are buying what is described on the title deeds. It will also reveal the exact size of your property and what work has been done since the place was built.
  • You may face issues regarding boundaries in the future. A neighbor could decide to build a fence without your permission, the fence may or may not be on your property, A land survey will detail the exact point where your land begins and ends.
How Do I arrange For a Land Survey?Speak to your local surveyor team and let them know that you are buying a property and need a land survey. They will give you a free quote for the work, if you believe it to be too high, speak to two or three other companies.  The cost of the survey will vary according to the work you require. If you want an inexpensive one, you should specify that you only wish to know the boundary pints and property corners. You can also keep the cost down by providing a copy of the deeds yourself. These can be obtained from the public records office. Ensure that the surveyor you choose is fully accredited and do not go for the cheapest one if they seem a little casual about the whole affair. - See more at: http://www.agentright.com/AU/blog-and-articles/2-reasons-why-you-need-a-land-survey/#sthash.RZrFMyMC...

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