Lance Of The Williams Team Impacting Young Lives With His Journey

Dated: 08/12/2016

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PictureLance Williams, Buyer Specialist with The Williams Team, recently returned to his home state of Florida to share his story with students of a local school; and how it led to a mindset of setting goals, finding purpose of adding value to people, and how proving the impossible is possible through perseverance.

He shared the obstacles that he overcame through dedication and faith during his journey of recovery after a tragic motorcycle accident resulting in full paralysis. The doctors had very little hope that he would ever walk again. After 7 months of dedication and perseverance through rehab, his hard work and positive mindset shined bright than ever. Lance was attending church when he made the decision that it was time to just do it. He stood up and walked to the front of the church to receive communion, leaving everyone in awe. He overcame full paralysis, received his degree in Social Work working with the school system; through faith, continued dedication, and the mindset that nothing is impossible and no goal is too big! Following the speech, Lance participated in the fundraiser event held by the school.

Picture Picture

(Left) Lance in his younger days! (Right) Lance and his mother, Connie before the accident. Lance was commissioned to be an officer for the United States Army.

Lance has accomplished a lot since then, by setting his goals. He is now working in the Real Estate industry as a buyer’s agent with The Williams Team, one of the top producing real estate teams in Southeast Louisiana. We are so proud to have Lance as a TEAM MATE of The Williams Team. He has inspired us to never lose sight of your goals and dreams because one of the greatest pleasures in life is fulfilling dreams and achieving the things that others say you cannot do. 

Today, he is married to his wife Gabby and they have two beautiful daughters. Living in an RV for a few years is the sacrifice they made to fulfill the goal of building their dream home on the lake, where are they now?



Watch Lance’s Story: All I Want for Christmas is to Walk Again


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